Human Omics database for
the Generation of iPS and Normal Cells

SHOGoiN Cell ID: 1030005010203000000000-290

SHOGoiN Cell Taxonomy

Homo sapiens & Mus musculus cell

No.Germ LayerDifferentiation StateSource AgeAnatomy IdCell Type IdAnatomy:body PartAnatomy:organAnatomy:sub-organAnatomy:tissue 1Anatomy:tissue 2Anatomy:tissue 3Anatomy:tissue 4Anatomy:tissue 5-1Anatomy:tissue 5-2Anatomy:tissue 5-3Anatomy:tissue 5-4Cell TypeSynonymCL IdUBERON IdImage IdTissue Image ID
12 Ectodermal4 Terminally differentiated6 Fetus state 7 Postnatal state 8 Neonatal state 9 Infant state 10 Juvenile 11 Adult1030005010203000000000290HeadEyeEyeballFibrous tunicaCorneaCorneal limbusBasal epithelial cellt006

SHOGoiN Cell Marker

Cell Type NameEpithelial cellEpithelial cellEpithelial cell
Cell Type SubclassLimbal basal epithelial cell Limbal basal epithelial cell Basal epithelial cell
SHOGoiN Cell Id1030005010203000000000-2901030005010203000000000-2901030005010203000000000-290
Anatomical LocationEye, corneaEye, corneaEye, Limbus epithelium
Marker Molecule:nameSuperoxide dismutase [Mn], mitochondrial (EC:, SOD2)Keratin, type I cytoskeletal 15 (Cytokeratin-15, CK-15, Keratin-15, K15, KRT15, KRTB)ATP-binding cassette sub-family G member 2 (Breast cancer resistance protein, CDw338, Mitoxantrone resistance-associated protein, Placenta-specific ATP-binding cassette transporter, Urate exporter, CD
Marker Molecule:typeProteinProteinProtein
Marker Molecule:categoryEnzymeCD molecule
Subcellular LocalizationMitochondriaCytosolPlasma membrane
Uniprot IdP04179P19012Q9UNQ0
Gene Id664838669429
Source OrganismHumanHumanHuman