Human Omics database for
the Generation of iPS and Normal Cells

SHOGoiN Cell ID: 341

SHOGoiN Cell Taxonomy

Homo sapiens & Mus musculus cell

No.Germ LayerDifferentiation StateSource AgeAnatomy IdCell Type IdAnatomy:body PartAnatomy:organAnatomy:sub-organAnatomy:tissue 1Anatomy:tissue 2Anatomy:tissue 3Anatomy:tissue 4Anatomy:tissue 5-1Anatomy:tissue 5-2Anatomy:tissue 5-3Anatomy:tissue 5-4Cell TypeSynonymCL IdUBERON IdImage IdTissue Image ID
14 Mesodermal4 Terminally differentiated6 Fetus state 7 Postnatal state 8 Neonatal state 9 Infant state 10 Juvenile 11 Adult3040013000000000000000341TrunkHeartAtrioventricular nodeAtrioventricular node cellCL:1000410

SHOGoiN Cell Conversion

Source Cell TypeCellCellStem cell
Source Cell NameAtrioventricular canal cellAtrioventricular canal cellInflow progenitor
Source Cell Type Id342342896
Destination Cell TypeCellCellCell
Destination Cell NameAtrioventricular node cellAtrioventricular node cellAtrioventricular node cell
Destination Cell Type Id341341341
Differentiation TypeDifferentiationDifferentiationDifferentiation
ReferencePMID:23799628NLM ID:101266787NLM ID:101266787