Human Omics database for
the Generation of iPS and Normal Cells

SHOGoiN Cell ID: 858

SHOGoiN Cell Taxonomy

Homo sapiens & Mus musculus cell

No.Germ LayerDifferentiation StateSource AgeAnatomy IdCell Type IdAnatomy:body PartAnatomy:organAnatomy:sub-organAnatomy:tissue 1Anatomy:tissue 2Anatomy:tissue 3Anatomy:tissue 4Anatomy:tissue 5-1Anatomy:tissue 5-2Anatomy:tissue 5-3Anatomy:tissue 5-4Cell TypeSynonymCL IdUBERON IdImage IdTissue Image ID
14 Mesodermal3 Multipotent/Progenitor/Precursor4 Neurula state ~6000001010000000000000858UbiquitousBoneBone marrowSmall pre B-cell

SHOGoiN Cell Conversion

Source Cell TypeStem cellStem cellStem cellStem cell
Source Cell NameSmall pre B-cellSmall pre B-cellLarge pre B-cellSmall pre B-cell
Source Cell Type Id858858857858
Destination Cell TypeStem cellCellStem cellStem cell
Destination Cell NameImmature pre-B cellImmature B cell (Early B cell)Small pre B-cellImmature pre-B cell
Destination Cell Type Id965786858965
Differentiation TypeDifferentiationDifferentiationDifferentiationDifferentiation