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SHOGoiN Cell Transcriptome: GSM1677514

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7000000000000000000000-766Sequence Read ArchiveSRP050499SRP050499_T42The Transcriptome and DNA Methylome Landscapes of Human Primordial Germ CellsTranscriptomePrimordial germ cellHumanEarly embryonic tissueRNA-seqHiSeq 2500Sequence

Histogram (Expression count)

Top 10 up-regulated genes

RankENSGGene symbolDescriptionZ-score
1 ENSG00000156508 EEF1A1 eukaryotic translation elongation factor 1 alpha 1 176.6515
2 ENSG00000198804 MT-CO1 mitochondrially encoded cytochrome c oxidase I 61.9747
3 ENSG00000174444 RPL4 ribosomal protein L4 54.1395
4 ENSG00000089157 RPLP0 ribosomal protein lateral stalk subunit P0 35.6769
5 ENSG00000196230 TUBB tubulin beta class I 33.4306
6 ENSG00000198886 MT-ND4 mitochondrially encoded NADH:ubiquinone oxidoreductase core subunit 4 32.0489
7 ENSG00000204628 RACK1 receptor for activated C kinase 1 27.3247
8 ENSG00000142541 RPL13A ribosomal protein L13a 23.8621
9 ENSG00000168028 RPSA ribosomal protein SA 22.2240
10 ENSG00000137154 RPS6 ribosomal protein S6 21.4214

Bottom 10 down-regulated genes

RankENSGGene symbolDescriptionZ-score
58503 ENSG00000285738 Novel transcript -0.0983
58502 ENSG00000285737 LINC02680 long intergenic non-protein coding RNA 2680 -0.0983
58501 ENSG00000285736 Novel transcript -0.0983
58500 ENSG00000285735 LINC02717 long intergenic non-protein coding RNA 2717 -0.0983
58499 ENSG00000285734 novel transcript, antisense to CACNA1C -0.0983
58498 ENSG00000285733 novel protein -0.0983
58497 ENSG00000285732 novel transcript, antisense to ABCD2 -0.0983
58496 ENSG00000285731 Novel transcript, antisense to TBC1D5 -0.0983
58495 ENSG00000285730 novel transcript -0.0983
58494 ENSG00000285729 novel transcript -0.0983

SOM(Self Organization Map)

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RankENSGGene symbolDescriptionZ-score

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